Reconnecting to the Strength We Have

Here is a conversation with Maria Scordialos, an activist in Greece. We talk about the upcoming referendum, the solidarity economy, the role of fear in politics, the economics and politics of debt, and the revolutionary potential of authenticity in leaders. Maria gives us a peek at what is happening on the ground in Greece. What she says about the authenticity of the prime minister, and how it doesn’t fit into the EU political culture, was especially revealing. It shows that the transformation that wants to happen in Greece goes much deeper than mere questions of money and politics.

Maria Scordialos is a co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute, that is researching and prototyping systemic transformation projects and practices, based at Axladitsa Avatakia, a farm and home that hosts immersion learning in Pelion, Greece.¬†You can listen to Maria’s TED talk in Leiden – The Greek in All of Us