The Space Between Stories On-line Course

The course will run over six weekly sessions from March 28 to May 2, lasting about 2.5 hours per session. All sessions will be recorded, and permanently available for all participants.

This is not the kind of webinar where you just sit back and are presented with interesting ideas, although you could use it that way. It will also include conversations, assignments, and processes to deepen and integrate the ideas we will present. Some of these processes go quite deep, although since you’ll be participating on line, it is really up to you how deeply to engage them. The more sincerely you do so, the more powerful they will be.

In addition, the course will be accompanied by online materials and an online discussion forum. That will allow the material to stay alive in between sessions and give everyone a chance to work with it and integrate it. It will also be a hub for the building of community and mutual support around this work.

I (Charles) will be the host of the course, framing each session, guiding processes, telling stories, offering dialog topics, and fielding questions. I am also reaching out to invite four extraordinary guests for each session to further enrich the conversation.

To find out more about this on-line course and to register, go to the Space Between Stories website.